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It's a sad fact that 95% of short term traders lose money. But that's a number you don't have to accept.  Join today and receive my exact stock trading system's buy and sell signals along with education on how the stock market really works.

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Relax and Profit With Mathematically Proven Stock Trading Systems

"Technical Analysis" Is Dead

Drawing lines and looking for patterns on stock charts is the same as looking for shapes in clouds. "Technical analysis" is a pseudo-science and has no place in trading. Don't be fooled by the quackery.

Rule-Based Trading Wins

When you write down exact trading rules you can create a stock trading algorithm to prove if those rules will make or lose money. Never risk a dime until you've tested your trading rules first!

Real-Time Profits

Modern professional traders use tested stock trading strategies to pull gargantuan sums of money from the stock market every year. With statistically proven trading strategies you can relax and profit like them.

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To understand rotational trading imagine you were able to keep betting on the leading horse as it went around the race track.

As a horse takes the lead, you move your bet from the old leader to the new one.

Keep doing this as the horses round the track and you could win every time.


I've seen hundreds of good looking trading strategies turn into a big, steaming pile of horse manure when traded in the real world.

How can a strategy that seems great on paper turn into a loser almost immediately?

Without a doubt it's because the designer didn't understand the basics of statistical analysis, sample size, and out-of-sample testing that's required.

But you can determine if a strategy is junk or pure gold using a formula taken from real engineering.

Let me show it to you so you don't waste anymore time and money.


I'm going to lay out, in all its glory, a very simple opening range breakout day trading system for gold that I wrote years ago.

And because its rules are so simple it continues to work in the world's most difficult trading environment:


Let's dive deeper into how this system works and how you can make this system for yourself.

What Relaxed Traders Are Saying:

Stock Trader Doug


I'm massively impressed with Kurt's high probability stock trades. Kurt, thanks for your conscientious commitment to subscribers, your outstanding “sweet spot” swing trade performance and great customer service!

Stock Trader Rob


I'm blown away by the accuracy of Kurt's trading systems.  His ideas are new to me at first, but I now see the value in testing trading ideas before using them in the real world.

Stock Trader Devlyn


Kurt's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into coherent trading systems for others to profit from is unparalleled.

If You Can't Test It, You Shouldn't Trade It

Most traders never test their ideas before jumping into the stock market.  That's insane!  My mission is to change that by exposing you to the world of tested trading strategies. Join other traders that are already making huge gains with statistically proven stock trading systems.