Rule-based trading strategies

Make Better Trades with less stress than you can imagine

Greater Profits

Proven trading strategies increase profits and reduce losses

Fewer Emotions

Following rules-based trading strategies significantly reduces emotional self-sabotage

Less Stress

Know exactly what stocks to buy and sell with fewer sleepless nights

More Free Time

Spend fewer hours on financial media or analyzing stock charts

Are You Making These Trading Mistakes?

  • Trading news, trend lines and chart patterns
  • Covering charts with useless indicators
  • Being unaware of confirmation biases
  • Buying at the top, selling at the bottom
  • Not managing risk with position sizing
  • Treating trading as a hobby, not a business
  • Using technical analysis
  • Not testing your trading ideas first

Hi, I'm Kurt

You've likely stumbled upon my site because you're searching for a more efficient and systematic approach to trading.

Through sharing my knowledge of computer-backed trading techniques, I assist traders in achieving consistent returns.

With many years of experience in both trading and programming, I develop market-outperforming trading systems for clients, family, and myself.

there are no shortcuts to success

Coding & Testing Trading Strategies Is My Passion

Customers served!


Years of experience

Years trading & coding experience

Customers served!

10 +

Years of experience

Ideas tested

Thomas Ullrich

Kurt's ability to code trading strategies is remarkable. I've been trading his signals since February and want to just say, THANKS! I got what I wanted: stress free trading. My account is growing now, which is amazing given the whole economical situation.

It's Time To Take The Guessing Out Of Your Trading

Benefits of Tested Trading Strategies:

  • Exact Odds

  • Quantifiable Proof

  • Risk Management

  • Top Performance

Tested trading strategies give you exact odds of each trade's profitability.

I'm massively impressed with Kurt's research and computerized testing which has given me consistent high-probability trades. Kurt, thanks for your outstanding "sweet spot" trades and never ending education. You've shown me what really makes money in the stock market and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Doug Walter 

Swing Trader

Looking back, I can't believe I used to trade without a strategy. I lost so much money thinking that I was smarter than the market. Turns out I had no idea what I was doing. Kurt showed me the true value of testing my ideas before using them in the real world.

Rob Parker


I wanted to take charge of my money. This was scary and what attracted me to Kurt was his stress-free way of handling trades using tested systems. I like his SPY ETF strategies as they keep my account in a liquid state unless being traded for a short time. The result is less risk of overall market volatility.

Greyson Martin

Short-Term Trader

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