Statistically Proven Stock Trading Strategies

Few traders test their ideas before jumping into the stock market. That's insane! My mission is to introduce you to computer back-tested trading. With statistically proven strategies you can relax & profit knowing your trades are based on repeatable market edges.

Proven stock trading systems tested by Kurt the Relaxed Trader

Relax and Profit With Computer Tested Trading Strategies

Technical Analysis Is Dead

Technical Analysis is a pseudo-science with no place in trading. Drawing lines, patterns and Elliott Waves on charts is just cloud gazing (also known as "pareidolia"). It's not repeatable nor scientific. Don't be fooled by the quackery!

Use Exact Trading Rules

Real-time trading is absolutely diabolical and will drive your brokerage account to zero unless you have proven trading rules in place. Programing rules into a computer and back-testing them is the only way to prove profitability. Never trade without back-tested rules.

Test Rules Using Computers

Come on, if you aren't using computer science to test your trading ideas first, ask yourself, what are you even doing in this industry? A casino might be a better place for your money (at least you get free drinks).

My Recent Trading Strategy Posts 

This RSI trading strategy (also called a "trading plan") has correctly timed the stock market with 84% winning accuracy since 1920!

Now, the idea of a “plan” is not a foreign concept.

You have a plan to get to work each day, you have a plan to make dinner, you have a plan to call your mom on Mother's Day, right?

But, insanely, 95% of traders don't have any plan whatsoever when it comes to their trading; they are flying blind.

Therefore, in this post, I want to expose you to what a trading plan, called a "strategy", looks like and then go over a simple RSI strategy you can use in your own trading.

Do the original turtle trading rules still work in a modern trading world?

They certainly did in the 1980's!

In fact, the rules made millionaires out of normal folks with very little starting capital. 

Since these rules were some of the very first ever used, it's important to take a closer look.

Let's see if they still work, how to improve them and what the modern computer code looks like.

Here's a new QQQ trading strategy if you want to swing trade the NASDAQ instead of the S&P 500.

Previously, I laid out a simple SPY swing trading strategy requiring only basic counting, but now, we're going to dive deeper into some math.

Let's check out this new strategy together.

You can make your own VIX trading strategy using price itself.

You know the so called "fear index" that's shown all over the internet and financial TV?

I'm going to prove it's utter bunk, just more hot air from people that have never tested trading ideas in their lives.

First, I'll show you how to make a "synthetic" VIX indicator, which is far superior. 

And second, a highly accurate synthetic VIX trading strategy that times the stock market with 81% winning odds.

Do you use the MACD trading strategy?

Well, I've tested it, and the results are going to shock you - it doesn't work at all!

It's the REVERSE MACD trading strategy that actually works.

Back when I first started trading, I read all the books on technical analysis I could find...and guess what?

All the books are wrong!

I'm going to lay out, in all its glory, a very simple opening range breakout day trading system for gold that I wrote years ago.

And because its rules are so simple it continues to work in the world's most difficult trading environment:


Let's dive deeper into how this system works and how you can make this opening range breakout system for yourself.

What Relaxed Traders Are Saying:

Stock Trader Doug


I'm massively impressed with Kurt's high probability stock trades. Kurt, thanks for your conscientious commitment to subscribers, your outstanding “sweet spot” swing trades and great customer service!

Relaxed Trader Rob


I'm blown away by the accuracy of Kurt's trade alerts.  His ideas were new to me at first, but I now see the value in testing my trading ideas before using them in the real world.

Stock Trader Devlyn


Kurt's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into coherent trading strategies for others to profit from is unparalleled.

If You Don't Test Your Trading Ideas, You Shouldn't Use Them!

It's a sad statistic that 95% of short-term traders lose money because they don't test trading ideas first!  That's a number you don't have to accept.  Join the hundreds of traders who are making real profits using trading strategies that have been proven based on my rigorous testing.

Don't be another statistic!