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Finally, Relax With Proven Trading Systems

Technical Analysis Is Dead 

Drawing lines and looking for patterns in stock charts is the same as looking for shapes in clouds.  Technical analysis is a pseudo-science and has no place in trading and investing.  Don't be fooled by the "TA" quackery.

Rule-Based Trading Wins

When you write down exact trading rules you can then program a computer to show if those rules will make or lose money.  Never risk a dime until you've tested your or someone else's trading rules.

Real-time Profits

Modern day professional traders use tested strategies to pull gargantuan sums of money from the stock market every year.  With statistically proven strategies you too can relax and profit like them.

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How to day trade gold

How to Day Trade Gold

How to Day Trade Gold Using Science: A Simple New StrategyIn this post I’m going to show you exactly how to day trade gold futures with a mathematically proven system I discovered over six years ago.  This phenomenon in gold is very unique.  So unique in fact that I haven’t seen anyone else discuss it out on

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two day trading systems

Day Trading Breakouts: 2 Tested Systems You Can Use Now

Opening Range Breakout TradingDay trading breakouts usually is a losing game and should be avoid at all costs.  Trust me, day trading will probably cause you more pain than gain in the long term.I know this because I spent the better part of a decade trying to crack day trading with only a few successes.With

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stock market pareidolia

Pareidolia Is The Fastest Way To Lose Money

The Stock Market is a Pareidolia MachineIf you don’t know what pareidolia is, don’t be hard on yourself, because it’s likely that your spellchecker doesn’t know either.Basically pareidolia means that you, as a human, tend to create significance out of events when there is none. In other words, you can be easily fooled by randomness if

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"Creative and bright thinkers focus on understanding how we learn and think.  Kurt's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into a coherent system for others to understand is unparalleled."

If You Can't Test It, You Shouldn't Trade it

Most traders & investors never test their ideas before jumping into the stock market.  That's insane.  Join the other traders that use computers to prove what strategies actually make money in the stock market: