Proven Stock Swing Trading Strategies

Discover a 100% math-based swing trading strategy to rapidly build your portfolio trading just once a month.  Turn off CNBC and relax!

Trading Strategies That Work

Buying stocks that are going up
Swing trading system that only buys strong stocks

Buying high and selling higher

Buying high and selling higher works.  Relaxed Traders only buy stocks that are likely to push significantly higher based on statistically proven price patterns.  Not gut feelings or TV gurus.  

Trading stocks once a month
A swing trading system that trades once a month

Trading once a month

Relaxed Traders rotate their money into the strongest stocks every 30 days.  A month is long enough to take advantage of strong market trends, but short enough to get out of stocks all together when the economy is bad.

Using a proven trading system
A proven swing trading system

Using proven swing trading strategies

Relaxed Traders don't take silly risks, they only use statistically proven swing trading strategies that have a proven track record of making real money in real time.  Relaxed Traders listen to computers algorithms and not office mates' opinions.

A Science-Based Swing Trading Strategy

My swing trading strategy for individual stocks is a proprietary blend of momentum and mean reversion principles.  All buy and sell decisions are generated by this 100% mathematical algorithm.

Relaxed Trader Swing Trade Alert Profits November 2019

Swing Trade Alert Profits - November 2019

Swing Trading Strategy Statistics

All numbers include commission and slippage


  • Trades per month: 10
  • Average winning trade: 3.9% 
  • Winning positions: 60.2% 
  • Winning years: 81% 
  • Winning months: 65% 
  • Compound annual growth rate: 35.1% 


  • Average draw down: -3.9% 
  • Max draw down: -31.9%
  • Average draw down duration: 18 days

What Relaxed Traders Are Saying:

I've finally found a stress-free way to swing trade stocks that's easy to follow using Kurt's email alerts and member's site.

I've stopped watching screens all day and focus more on enjoying life because I know I'm in the best possible stocks each month.

Grayson M. - Engineer

Member since 2016

Relaxed Trader review: Grayson

This is a stable, proven system for high probability swing trades that allows me to profit and maintain my sanity.

Kurt has a commitment to subscribers with outstanding sweet spot performance, great communication and customer service.

Doug W. - Trader
Member since 2016

Relaxed Trader review: Doug


Read the Email

On the 6th trading day of each month, I email you an exact list of which 10 stocks to buy, sell or hold.  Plus "myth busting" commentary based on my latest market research (using a computer of course).


Execute the Trades

Simply log into your normal stock account or IRA and place the buy or sell orders listed in the email.


Relax and Profit

Sit back, tune out the 24 hour news cycle and relax because you are in the best stocks month after month.  If anything happens during the month that warrants further action on your part, such as a stopped out stock, I'll email you immediately.

Don't Hesitate, Start Rapidly Growing Your Profits Today!

Access this revolutionary stock swing trading strategy based on proven mathematical algorithms (not hunches or gut feelings), that only takes a few minutes per month to execute.