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Discover a scientific, relaxed way to rapidly build your account trading a few stocks just once a month.

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A Relaxed Trader...

Buys What's Going Up

Buying stocks that are already going up is the key to great trading.   But unlike other traders that buy stocks based on hunches or hot tips, relaxed traders buy certain stocks they know will continue to push higher.  They know that using a mathematical, repeatable process makes trading relaxed and enjoyable.

Trades Once A Month

Relaxed traders know that a period of one month is long enough to take advantage of strong market trends, but not so long that it would drag down their portfolio when bad news hits.  And since stocks with the strongest showing won’t stay strong forever, they know they need to rotate their assets so they are invested in the best stocks for the next month.

Lets The Crowd Do The Hard Work

The second mouse gets the cheese.  The same can be said of stocks.  Relaxed traders don't want to be the first one into a stock.  Instead, they use the "wisdom of the crowd" by observing what other traders are doing with their money and let them do the hard work.  Relaxed traders know this drastically increases profits and decreases losses.

Making Money Makes You Relaxed

This is a strategy for individual stocks that uses both price momentum and mean reversion.  Trades last four weeks with all buy and sell decisions generated by my 100% mathematical algorithm that's stood the test of time.  Check out our returns since launching our signals to the public:

The Relaxed Trading System vs. S&P 500 Returns 2016-2019

What Relaxed Traders Are Saying:

I've finally found a stress-free way to trade stocks that's easy to follow using Kurt's email alerts and member's site.

I've stopped watching screens all day and focus more on enjoying life because I know I'm in the best possible stocks each month.

Grayson M. - Engineer

This is a stable, proven system for taking high probability trades all while maintaining my sanity.

Kurt has a commitment to subscribers with outstanding sweet spot performance, great communication and customer service.

Doug W. - Trader

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