Pareidolia Is The Fastest Way To Lose Money

The Stock Market is a Pareidolia Machine

If you don’t know what pareidolia is, don’t be hard on yourself, because it’s likely that your spellchecker doesn’t know either.

Basically pareidolia means that you, as a human, tend to create significance out of events when there is none.

In other words, you can be easily fooled by randomness if you aren't careful.

And when it comes to the stock market, pareidolia can lead to financial ruin.

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Why You Need To Use Multiple Trading Systems

Why You Need To Use Multiple Trading Systems

One of the biggest cons perpetrated on would-be-successful traders is that there is, supposedly, one secret method that will allow them to find, trade, profit from and retire rich, beyond their wildest dreams.

Traders call it the "Holy Grail."

Listen up people, it does not exist.

In case you missed it: IT DOES NOT EXIST!

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How To Make Money From A Flash Crash

How To Make Money From A Stock Flash Crash

Seems like "flash crashes" are happening more and more regularly.

We've had two in 2018.

Why do flash crashes happen and how can we make money from them?

If you want to understand some of the horrible flaws in the financial system and how to make a trading model that makes money off these nasty events, keep reading.

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