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Will Your Trading Strategy Work In The Future

How to Future Proof Your Trading Strategy With an Exact Formula

I've seen hundreds of good looking trading strategies turn into a big, steaming pile of horse manure when traded in the real world.

How can a strategy that seems great on paper turn into a loser almost immediately?

Without a doubt it's because the designer didn't understand the basics of statistical analysis, sample size, and out-of-sample testing that's required.

But you can determine if a strategy is junk or pure gold using a formula taken from real engineering.

Let me show it to you so you don't waste anymore time and money.

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The Reddit Trade Is Over

Reddit Day Trading Is a Great Way to Lose All Your Money

If I had to make a guess, I'd say most of the people Reddit day trading are "News Traders" (worst type you can be) and unfortunately have no idea of the freight train that's about to hit them.

News Traders might catch a few quick early wins, emboldening them.  

But, over time they always lose money and leave the game because they don't have a proven system in place.

The Reddit trade is over, don't catch the falling knife!

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