Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is your service?

Why is your service so inexpensive?

Can I use this system inside an IRA?

Can I trade options on your signals?

Does your system use stops?

Why would you sell your system?

What if I miss a signal...can I buy it now?

How much money should I start with?

How do I start up a brokerage account?

Is this legal?

Turn Off The Financial TV And Relax

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that this system made a real difference for them.  Here's what fellow traders are saying about this easy trading system.

Kurt's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into a coherent system for others to understand is unparalleled.

Devlyn S. - Business Consultant

Relaxed Trader Review: Devlyn

I'm blown away by Kurt's system accuracy and his ability to communicate concepts to me in terms that I can understand.

Rob V. - Biotech Engineer

Relaxed Trader Review: Rob