How My Trading System Works

If you know how to buy and sell a stock, you can use the Relaxed Trader system.

You don’t need to memorize ticker symbols, analyze countless reports, or watch financial TV.

Here's why:

I've done everything for you!

I developed the Relaxed Trader mathematical algorithm ten years ago to make managing my trading life as easy as possible.  In an already complicated life who needs yet another thing to worry about, right?

I built it based on thousands of hours of researching, meticulous testing, and data analysis all to figure out what REALLY works in the stock market.

I threw out everything I assumed worked: all the stuff people talk about on TV, on internet forums and what my parents told me about the stock market when I was growing up.

I wanted a computer to SHOW me what really worked.

You know that old golf saying: "Let the club do the work."  

Well, this is exactly the same thing.  Let the COMPUTER do the work, and you will profit handsomely!

So, how does it work?

Step 1:  At the beginning of every month, I will send you an email that explicitly states the ten stocks and ETFs that you need to buy, sell, or hold from the previous month (generated from my 100% mechanical algorithm).

Step 2:  Login into your trading brokerage account, and execute the buy and sell orders I’ve stated in the email.

Step 3:  Sit back, relax, and wait until next month.

That’s it!

It’s that fast and easy!

  • No stock analysis
  • No looking at your computer screen for hours
  • No stress about what the media is saying
  • No additional work on your part!

Receive the email, execute the orders, profit.

If you're interested in a little more detailed explanation of the system and how it works, you can check it out here:

Recap: Why the Relaxed Trader System Works:

With the Relaxed Trader System, there's no guesswork and no emotions. There’s no media influence or personal bias.

I only believe in one thing: cold, hard numbers.

That’s all my algorithm looks at.

All the trade signals come from a 100%, non-emotional algorithmic trading system that I wrote over 10 years ago and continually improve by testing and analysis.

It’s only going to get better!

Just look at returns of the Relaxed Trading system since providing our signals to the public:

Relaxed Trader System Returns vs. S&P 500 Returns 2016-2019

Turn Off The Financial TV And Relax

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that this system made a real difference for them.  Here's what fellow traders are saying about this easy trading system.

Kurt's ability to gather massive amounts of information and organize it into a coherent system for others to understand is unparalleled.

Devlyn Steele. - Business Consultant

I'm blown away by Kurt's system accuracy and his ability to communicate concepts to me in terms that I can understand.

Rob V. - Bio Engineer

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