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Make More Money With A Proven Swing Trading System

Use my easy-to-use stock trading system to make huge gains without the stress of watching financial TV or analyzing every stock chart.

No more gut feelings, hunches or opinions!

100% Algorithm-Based

IMMR: Relaxed Trading system

45% on IMMR in 30 days

Once a month my 100% math-based swing trading system scans all US listed stocks looking for a precise money making pattern.

FOSL: Relaxed Trading system

100% on FOSL in 30 days

I send you an email on the 6th trading day of every month with the 10 stocks that are "most likely" (I'm a pure statistics guy, not every stock is going to be a winner) to push significantly higher over the next 30 days.

CYBR: Relaxed Trading system

20% on CYBR in 30 days

If for some reason one of these 10 stocks starts to fail, I will send you an email telling you to sell it.  Capital preservation is paramount to stay in the game and profit another day.


I’m so confident my Relaxed Trading Swing Trading System will work for you, I’m offering a full 12 month pay-for-itself guarantee.  

If for some crazy reason it doesn’t completely pay for itself in twelve months, I will immediately write you a check for the price. 

Simply email me and say it didn’t pay for itself.  It really is that easy.

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Turn Off The Financial TV And Relax

Stressed-out, independent traders find my easy-to-use, 100% algorithmic trading system makes a real difference.

Hi Kurt, I've participated in all the swing trades so far and I'm very pleased with the results.

My portfolio is up 18% already. 

Easiest system ever!

Cyndi W. - Investor

Relaxed Trader review: Cyndi

I have at least 20 years trading experience and I’m ashamed to say paid thousands of dollars for other systems that didn't work.

I'm happy to say, Kurt’s system works and makes me money!

Bruce B. - Retired USMC

Relaxed Trader review: Bruce