Introducing "Slugger":

A Repeatable, Highly Profitable Swing Trade Alert System

No more stress of watching financial TV or analyzing every stock chart

Slugger Makes Repeated Profitable Trades:

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Slugger is a 100% quantitative swing trading strategy for trading individual stocks and ETFs based on a proprietary blend of momentum and mean reversion - not hunches, gut feelings or "guru" opinions.

Once a month the system scans all U.S. stocks looking for exact buy conditions that drastically increase the odds of a stock moving significantly higher over the next 30 days.

This system has been thoroughly back-tested, walk-forward-tested and real-time tested with real money.  

Wondering About Post COVID-19 Crash Returns?

Relaxed Trader Slugger Trading System 2016 - September 2020

Relaxed Trader Slugger Trading System 2016 - September 2020

Slugger Provides Massive Growth Over Time:

Relaxed Trader Slugger Trading System 2003 - September 2020

Relaxed Trader Slugger Trading System 2003 - September 2020

Slugger Trading Strategy Statistics:

All values include commissions and slippage

  • Trades per month: 10
  • Average winning trade: 3.9% 
  • Winning positions: 60.2% 
  • Winning years: 81% 
  • Winning months: 65% 
  • Compound annual growth rate: 35.1% 
  • Average draw down: -3.9% 
  • Average draw down duration: 18 days

How It Works:


You Receive My Monthly Email

Each month, I email you exact trading instructions for the best 10 stocks to buy, sell or hold, plus my stock market "myth-busting" commentary based on my latest research (using proven algorithms of course).


You Execute the Trades

You simply log into your normal stock account or IRA and place the buy or sell orders per the email instructions.


You Relax and Profit

Sit back, tune out the 24-hour news cycle and relax because you are in the best stocks month after month.  If anything happens during the month that warrants further action on your part, such as a stopped out stock, I email you immediately.

Traders Are Raving!


Cyndi W.

Hi Kurt, I've participated in all the swing trades so far and I'm very pleased with the results.  I've only been using your system a short time and my portfolio is up 18% already.  Easiest system ever!


Bruce B.

I have at least 20 years trading experience and I’m ashamed to say paid thousands of dollars for other systems that didn't work.  And I'm happy to say, Kurt’s system makes me money!


Grayson M.

Kurt is very open about his methods and numbers and gives subscribers great educational resources, as well.  He also offers a money-back guarantee.  I have NEVER seen that with any other service.  His system works!

100% Pay-For-Itself Guarantee

I’m so confident my Slugger Swing Trading System will work for you, I’m offering a full 12 month pay-for-itself guarantee.   If for some crazy reason it doesn’t completely pay for itself in twelve months, I will immediately write you a check for the price of your subscription.

Simply email me and say it didn’t pay for itself.  It's that easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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