35 Year PROVEN Back-Tested Trading Strategy 

Make consistent swing trading profits with Slugger

A 100% rules-based, computer tested strategy to help you profit from high-probability swing trades in US stocks.


Introducing Slugger

Computer Tested Swing Trading

Slugger's exact trading rules have been proven with sophisticated back-testing tools and techniques over an exhaustive dataset of all US stocks back to 1988.

The Slugger Swing Trading System

Slugger vs. S&P 500 Benchmark Since 1988

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S&P 500 Benchmark

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Why Choose SLugger

Benefits of a Computer-Proven Trading System

Easy to Follow Trades

Based on daily closing stock prices, Slugger's trades are market orders that are easy to execute.

Make your trades on the open of the next trading day or setup them up to automatically execute the afternoon before.

Swing Trade Alerts From Slugger
Swing Trade Alerts From The Slugger Trading System
Consistent Trading Results 

Slugger's trading rules leverage the power of two fundamental market forces: momentum and mean-reversion. 

Based on these forces, Slugger's adaptive algorithm automatically identifies stocks that are likely to move significantly higher on a routine basis.

A Calm and Relaxed Approach

Slugger offers a measured, methodical and exact approach to trading.

No more anxiety about when to buy or sell, no more analyzing charts and no more listening to financial media or market pundits!

Swing Trade Alerts TSLA Gain

How Trading With Slugger Works

When you subscribe to Slugger, you'll receive emails with all of the information you need to follow the system with ease.

All you need to do is review the latest trade signal emails or log into the Member-only portal. Most traders spend 15-minutes or less per month reviewing the trades and placing the Slugger orders.

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You're in good company

I've participated in all the Slugger swing trades so far and I'm very pleased with the results. I've only been following for a short time but my portfolio is already up 18%. Easiest signals ever!

Cyndi Martin // Data scientist

With at least 20 years of trading experience, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for other strategies that didn't work. I feel Kurt has my best interest at heart. That maybe hard to believe in today’s internet culture but it’s true. And I'm happy to say Slugger makes me money!

Bruce Samuel // Retired USMC

Kurt is incredibly open about his Slugger trading model. He is also a fantastic educational resource to design and code my own trading systems. You can ask him anything!

Jeff Dune //  IT Engineer

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Is Slugger right for you?

  • You want to beat the returns of buy and hold with lower drawdowns
  • You enjoy holding leading stocks for big moves
  • You understand the benefits of research-driven, rules-based trading systems

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"If you're looking for world-class trading systems and education in design, development and testing, look no further. Kurt is the best teacher I've found, by quite some margin. He is super approachable and will get you unstuck no matter where you are in your trading journey."

Slugger trading strategy


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What is a 100% rules-based trading system? What are the benefits?

A fully rules-based trading system means all of the buy and sell decisions are pre-determined and based on extensive historical market testing. There’s no gut feel or subjective analysis – the system contains all of the rules to make the best decisions possible. There are many benefits of fully rules-based trading:

  • Decisions are based on real research and extensive testing of historical markets
  • 100% discipline, the system always executes flawlessly
  • No emotional biases
  • The system is measurable against benchmark performance

Do I need to download any code or use a certain broker?

No, absolutely not.

I do all of the heavy lifting and number crunching for you. Internally, I have the Slugger algorithm running in real-time measuring and monitoring markets and systematically producing signals.

As a subscriber, all you need to do is place the market orders listed in the trade alert emails (trades are also posted on the Member's portal). You can follow along at your own pace and place orders with any broker of your choosing.

Can you tell me more about how Slugger trades?

Slugger is a long-only algorithm that buys pull-backs in momentum stocks during healthy market environments.

It only trades US stocks in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 (no penny stocks or small caps!).

All signals are generated using daily closing prices. You can place all of your Slugger orders at the start of the next trading day or after the market closes and be fully prepared for the next session — no intraday screen watching is required.

Can I trade Slugger in my retirement account?

Yes, absolutely!

You can trade these signals in any self-directed retirement account type. Please consult your tax professional.

What is the minimum account size for Slugger?

Slugger is a professional trading strategy that focuses on producing strong returns. Account minimums are a personal decision and will vary greatly from trader to trader depending on your circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. Here are some general guidelines to get the most out of the Slugger trading service:

  • Minimum account size: $5,000
  • Recommended account size: $20,000+