Death of technical analysis

The Death of Technical Analysis

April 21st, 1982: the  day technical analysis Of Stocks died

Technical analysis ("TA") officially died on April 21st, 1982, the day stock index futures first appeared on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Ever since stock index futures were introduced, the stock market’s behavior has become more volatile in the short-term due to the tremendous leverage that traders can use to their advantage (or demise).

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what type of trader are you

Which Tier Trader Are You?

What Type of Trader Are You?

There’s a problem that the majority of “Tier 3” do-it-yourself traders suffer from, and if they continue on this path of portfolio destruction, they are going to lose all their money.

Now you might be asking, “what the heck is a Tier 3 trader”? and "what type of trader am I"?  

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