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Does rotational trading work

Can Monthly Rotational Trading Make You a Millionaire?

To understand rotational trading imagine you were able to keep betting on the leading horse as it went around the race track.As a horse takes the lead, you move your bet from the old leader to the new one.Keep doing this as the horses round the track and you could win every time.

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Will Your Trading Strategy Work In The Future

How to Future Proof Your Trading Strategy With an Exact Formula

I’ve seen hundreds of good looking trading strategies turn into a big, steaming pile of horse manure when traded in the real world. How can a strategy that seems great on paper turn into a loser almost immediately? Without a doubt it’s because the designer didn’t understand the basics of statistical analysis, sample size, and out-of-sample testing

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gold trading system

How to Trade Gold Opening Range Breakouts With 61.9% Winning Odds

I’m going to lay out, in all its glory, a very simple opening range breakout day trading system for gold that I wrote years ago.And because its rules are so simple it continues to work in the world’s most difficult trading environment:Real-time!Let’s dive deeper into how this system works and how you can make this

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How to day trade gold

If Day-Trading Is This Easy It Should Be Illegal

You can day trade gold with only 3 lines of code if you know exactly when a strange quirk in price shows up.This phenomenon in gold is so unique that I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it. And I almost completely missed it if it hadn’t been for a lucky fluke of observation. Let’s take a

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The Reddit Trade Is Over

Reddit Day Trading Is a Great Way to Lose All Your Money

If I had to make a guess, I’d say most of the people Reddit day trading are “News Traders” (worst type you can be) and unfortunately have no idea of the freight train that’s about to hit them.News Traders might catch a few quick early wins, emboldening them.  But, over time they always lose money

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3 lines of code to beat the stock market

Use This Easy Code to Time Your SPY Swing Trades

It’s time to stop treating your swing trading as a hobby.  It’s time to get serious.Understand the odds of every trade you make is the only way to make consistent money swing trading stocks.  No more guessing and no more listening to gurus that don’t back up their “hot picks” with proven odds and statistics.In

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The reverse MACD system

Using the MACD to Trade? Well, It’s Complete Garbage

Do you use the MACD to trade?I’ve tested it, and the results will surprise you.  Back when I started trading, I read as many books on technical analysis as I could.  One after another, I read all the “classics” and took tons of notes, filling up binder after binder.But guess what? The books were wrong!

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Technical Analysis is Garbage

How Technical Analysis Died In A Strange Way

Technical Analysis officially died on April 21st, 1982, the day stock index futures first appeared on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.Ever since, the stock market’s behavior has become more volatile in the short-term due to the tremendous leverage that traders can use to their advantage (or demise).

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opening range trading system

How to Short SPY ETF When These 3 Conditions Happen

You can easily sell short the SPY ETF for a day trade using opening range breakout patterns.These patterns also work in the gold market, the only difference being that you go long gold.Let’s take a deeper look at why you want to short SPY when you see these special patterns and how all you need are

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synthetic vix

Can the Synthetic VIX Equation Make You a Better Trader?

I challenge you to stop looking at the VIX everyone else watches and make your own, much more accurate, “Synthetic VIX”!You know the “Fear Index” that’s shown all over the internet and financial TV.I’m going to prove to you that it is utter bunk, just more jabber from the mouths of people that make a

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stock market pareidolia

Pareidolia Is The Fastest Way To Lose Money

If you don’t know what pareidolia is, don’t be hard on yourself, because it’s likely that your spellchecker doesn’t know either.Basically pareidolia means that you, as a human, tend to create significance out of events when there is none. In other words, you can be easily fooled by randomness if you aren’t careful. And when it comes

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never trade options

I Changed My Mind About Options. Here’s Why.

Are you an options trader?   If so, my feathered friend has a warning for you. This wobbly turkey is hatched on a farm on a perfect sunny morning.It’s fed every day, kept safe and secure from the elements by the friendly farmer.This turkey lives a good, predictable life.That is until one day…

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